About + Services

Je m’appelle Madame Marie and it’s a pleasure to see you here.

Since I was a young lady, I’ve always found my way to the kitchen—whether baking chocolate chip cookies with grandmaman or preparing an elaborate three-course dinner, which, when presented to guests, was received with sounds of “oohs” and “aahs.” I equally adored my experiences dining out—from the holes in the wall with mouth-watering food to Michelin-starred meals that left me longing for more.

This passion is what eventually led me to George Brown College’s culinary arts program. Throughout my training, I refined my culinary prowess, sharpened my technique and honed my skills.

This blog was born out of my love for writing as well as savouring good food. With each and every post, you can always expect an honest critique with a touch of Madame Marie sass.

While I mostly review restaurants in and around Toronto, the occasional blog highlights the dining landscape beyond the city.

Please reach out if you’d like me to pay a surprise visit to your establishment, but I can’t promise I’ll reveal my identity. There’s something intriguing about a little mystère, don’t you agree?

In the meantime, bon appétit, b*tches.


Mme M. xoxo

Other services I can provide in the Greater Toronto Area and virtually include: 

  • Restaurant consultations
  • Recipe and menu development
  • Writing and editorial
  • Live events, television, conferences and culinary trade shows
  • Culinary travel
  • Instructional classes
  • Brand ambassador
  • Food critic