Restaurant Review: Savor Thai – A Bold Arrival in Corso Italia

RestaurantSavor Thai
Address1226 St. Clair Avenue West
Dinner for 3 with drinks:$325

In the heart of Toronto’s Corso Italia, where the air is thick with the nostalgic scents of simmering marinara and freshly baked focaccia from beloved family-run eateries, a surprising newcomer has captivated the neighborhood. Savor Thai, an upscale Thai restaurant, has brought a refreshing twist to this traditionally Italian area, quickly making a name for itself and earning a coveted spot on Toronto Life’s list of the best new restaurants for 2024.

The brainchild of Bangkok-born Iron Chef Prasopchok Trakulphat—fondly known as Chef Art—Savor Thai promises to transport diners on an extraordinary journey through the diverse regions of Thailand, blending age-old recipes with innovative, modern techniques. From the moment you step inside, the restaurant’s ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. A striking golden royal umbrella, a nine-tiered decorative piece imported from Thailand, hangs majestically from the ceiling, greeting guests as they enter. The décor seamlessly blends modern elegance with traditional Thai elements, featuring warm lighting, intricate wood paneling, and decorative tiles that exude a sophistication reminiscent of an upscale Bangkok establishment.

Guests at Savor Thai can indulge in Chef Art’s curated six-course tasting menu for $125 per person or select from the à la carte menu. The tasting menu highlights include the lemongrass shrimp mousseline, lollipops of puréed shrimp imbued with the rich flavors of red curry, served on a bed of shredded, fried lemongrass, and pan-seared scallop slices, delicately dotted with caviar and nestled among tender arugula leaves. The Kao Soy Goong Mung Gorn, or Lobster Northern Thai Yellow Curry, is a revelation. The rich and aromatic curry is poured over pan-seared lobster, shards of crispy rice, and tortellini stuffed with ricotta and fermented cabbage. The complex interplay of textures—crispy, creamy, and tender—creates a dish that dances on the palate like a tuk tuk navigating bustling Thai streets. It perfectly embodies Chef Art’s ability to elevate traditional Thai cuisine to new heights.

Our culinary journey began with shareable appetizers such as the “Gai Satay” Grilled Massamun Chicken Satay, featuring marinated grilled chicken with roasted coconut snow and a butter chicken espuma, and the “Yum Ma Muang” Mango Salad, a vibrant mix of fresh fruits, romaine, roasted peanuts, and salmon crisp, all brought together by a spicy lime dressing.

The main dishes offer the flexibility to choose your preferred protein, enhancing the personalized dining experience. Options include grilled chicken, grilled prawn, pan-seared salmon filet, braised short ribs, and grilled tofu-soy protein. Among these, the standout was the “Gang Ped” Red Curry, featuring sautéed eggplants, bamboo shoots, and lotus roots, all bathed in a pureed young coconut-house red curry. The vibrant flavours are brought to life by Thai basil, with the addition of succulent grilled prawn adding an extra touch of luxury. Served with steamed jasmine rice, this dish is a testament to the depth and complexity of Thai flavors that Chef Art masterfully brings to his creations.

The “Pad Ga Praw” Holy Basil stir-fry, with seasonal vegetables and a fried egg over steamed jasmine rice, showcased yet another facet of multifaceted Thai cuisine. Next, the classic Pad Thai arrived, a vibrant stir-fry of rice noodles mingled with egg, tofu, and dried shrimps, all enveloped in a perfectly balanced tamarind sauce. The dish was further elevated with crunchy beansprouts, Chinese chives, and shallots, providing a satisfying medley of textures. The pickled banana blossom salad on the side added a refreshing tang that complemented the rich, savoury noodles.

Dessert was a delightful Pandanus Sponge Cake, accompanied by young coconut mousse, pandanus cream, fresh fruits, and coconut jelly. The flavours were light and refreshing, a perfect end to an indulgent meal.

The cocktail menu at Savor Thai is equally impressive. The Loy Krathong Breeze, with its blend of coconut syrup, coconut cream, guava juice, coconut water, and lime juice, was a tropical delight. The Songkran Splash, featuring longan syrup, lime juice, chrysanthemum, coconut water, rose bitter, and mint, was a fragrant and refreshing concoction. The Gomedagam Fusion cocktail, a sophisticated blend of Thai tea-infused vermouth, VSOP brandy, smoky bourbon, angostura bitter, and yuzu syrup, provided a complex and satisfying finish to the evening.

While the overall dining experience was exceptional, it did begin with a slight hiccup. Upon entering Savor Thai, I was momentarily left to my own devices, initially ignored by the staff. However, once their attention was captured, the service quickly turned around, becoming attentive and knowledgeable, and effectively making up for the initial oversight.

For a new restaurant, this gem stands out, inviting guests to explore and savour the complexity and elegance of Thai cuisine in an environment that blends modern sophistication with traditional charm. Whether you are a foodie at heart or a more knowledgeable critic, Savor Thai offers a culinary journey that delights at every turn. It is a place where where each visit leaves you eager to return, ready to experience the exquisite fusion of tradition and innovation that defines Chef Art’s culinary artistry.


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