Miku – Steep prices, but Toronto’s hottest torched sushi

Restaurant Miku
 Location 10 Bay Street, #105
City Toronto
Phone (647) 347-7347
Website  mikutoronto.com

Bonjour b*tches,

Having lived in Japan and taken a sushi class as part of my culinary education, I know good sushi.  The smell, the taste, the feel are all part of the equation. Having been to Miku, I now know that top-notch sushi exists in Toronto.

Torching that sushi like it’s his job.

My brother suggested grabbing dinner here prior to a show at the Air Canada Centre. The location was a stone’s throw from the venue (even though it’s in prime tourist zone) and we both wanted to try it. Getting into the actual restaurant was a challenge since it is located in an office building and the main doors are locked after 6:30 p.m. As I walked around outside, peering through the glass at all the happy diners (perplexed as to why I couldn’t get in) I couldn’t help but wonder if this was intentional. Wouldn’t it make sense to place a staff member at the main doors of the office building for an optimal guest experience? Many other diners had the same issue. Although this was a minor inconvenience, the food and service made up for it.

Walking into the restaurant felt authentically Japanese. By that, I mean we were pelted with the phrase “irasshaimase!”, which means “welcome.” As we were led to our table at the front, we walked through the open kitchen area and bar space, which would be a great spot perch on a chair, grab a “biru” and people watch.

The service, from end to end, was impeccable. Several servers led us through our Miku dining journey and all were extremely knowledgeable and consistent. To test this out, I asked two different servers where the beef in the carpaccio is sourced. They both answered my question without hesitation and gave the exact same answer.

Red wave roll and Miku roll (torched to perfection!)

As for our meal, we shared five different plates. All were a contemporary twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. The menu was a balanced combination of sushi, sashimi, and creative dishes with unique ingredients. Miku is known for its flame-grilled aburi sushi. We ordered the salmon aburi, which was torched wild B.C. sockeye salmon that was elegantly encased in a square of rice. The rice had been soaked in a signature Miku sauce and, if that wasn’t enough, it was garnished with a dainty slice of jalapeño, which balanced the fattiness of the salmon and added a pop of colour to the white rice backdrop. I am still thinking about this dish hours later (hmm, I wonder if they deliver on Uber Eats…).


A close second for me was the sablefish entrée. This was a standout because it tasted even better than it looked, and I rarely say this. It was plated with eggplant purée, pattypan squash, charred daikon and a vibrant sprinkling of steamed edamame. We also ordered the red wave roll, Miku roll and beef carpaccio. All dishes arrived promptly (maybe a little too quickly) and were explained in detail. The rolls were good, but a bit bland (ask for a side of soy sauce to punch up the flavour). I would have preferred a second plate of aburi. Although I was tempted to try the matcha opera cake for a sweet finish, I was feeling satisfied.

Miku’s beef carpaccio

Miku was an overall pleasant experience for the palate. Although prices are a bit steep, the aburi will keep me coming back because it’s so damn “oishii”!


Mme M. xoxo

3/5 étoiles

La rubrique de Madame Marie
1 étoile – Run. Before you get the runs.
2 étoiles – Mediocre, but nothing you couldn’t make at home.
3 étoiles – C’est bon, with some standout qualities.
4 étoiles – Many memorable qualities and excellent execution. Compliments to the chef.
5 étoiles – Formidable! Michelin Star quality. Book a reservation immediately.