Madame Marie’s Weekly Roundup: Toronto’s Best Takeout, Delivery and Dining During COVID-19 – July 9, 2021

1027 Yonge Street

Mineral opened just a few months before it had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that the patio is in full swing, it’s ready to serve patrons wanting to experience its inventive Filipino-inspired plates. Chef Daniel Cancino’s menu is packed with distinctive sweet, sour, and meaty flavours with influences from Spanish, Chinese, American, and Dutch cuisines. In addition to a list of low-intervention wines, Mineral boasts impressive (and addictive) proteins, like slow-cooked pork neck with brown butter pineapple lettuce wraps. Halibut is roasted to perfection in a banana leaf, and kissed with caramelized coconut. An absolute showstopper is the pineapple and kombu, decorated with black garlic, chili, and puffed rice. It’s a wonderful way to begin your meal. While the menu only has 12 items, there’s no shortage of flavour. Take my word for it and order one of everything.

Pigot’s Burger Club
1 Adelaide Street East. (in Craft Beer Market)
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This Calgary pop-up landed in Toronto earlier this year, and has a takeout and pick up kitchen operating out of Craft Beer Market. Pigot’s Burger Club, named after chef/owner, Chef Mike Pigot, doesn’t serve the type of burger that comes on an artisan bun, piled high with useless condiments. This burger reminds us that burgers done right don’t need to be fancy. From the flavour of the freshly ground Beretta beef to the melted American cheese to the simple yet satisfying toasted potato roll, it pleases in all the right ways. Burger-loving fans can order plain burgers, cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers – with single, double or triple patties. For vegetarians, there’s also an Impossible burger stacked with savoury mushrooms. As for sides, the Dirty Tots put hand-cut fries to shame. This comforting dish contains a base layer of golden tater tots topped with American cheese, brown sugar onions, tomatoes, and jalapeno. Whether you have a burger or Dirty Tots, both deserve a smothering of Pigot’s Secret Sauce.

Pigot’s Burger Club

Gare de l’Est Brasserie
1190 Dundas Street East

There’s nothing like a satisfying meal from a French bistro. Thankfully, Toronto’s east end is home to the spacious brasserie, Gare de l’Est. And, with a sprawling patio overlooking Dundas Street East, diners can enjoy robust French flavours under the summer sun. Authentic dishes form the majority of the menu—from French onion soup to steak au poivre. There’s also chicken liver parfait, crepes, seared duck breast, steak frites, and a variety of tempting desserts made in-house. Gare de l’Est also serves weekend brunch. Whether you’re out for dinner or brunch, there’s most definitely a perfect beverage to complement your meal. Bon appétit!

Bon appétit!


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Operations are subject to change during this crisis so please contact each restaurant for the most up-to-date information.